Focus (Glitch Sculpture #1)

Occupational Syncope

Occupational Syncope from Aaron Jacob Willman on Vimeo.


I lost consciousness…


Beachfoam from Aaron Jacob Willman on Vimeo.

the visible spectrum is compression artifacts.
this is one of the older ones on my youtube.

i made it with footage i took with a Samsung Rant’s video camera.

Panoply (Glitch Sculpture #4) from Aaron Jacob Willman.

last in the series… more to come.

Ridiculous Slippers (Glitch Sculpture #3)

Ridiculous Slippers (Glitch Sculpture #3)

i don’t know when #1 will be finished. it’s very different from these two i have made. i may just title it differently.

Matcha – Glitch Sculpture #2

Matcha – Glitch Sculpture #2

July 6th, 2012

No Atom Found: Broken Codec post #1

No Atom Found:

this is a showcase for my glitch video. i don’t know if it will become anything else